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Floating Pool Lights

This is a floating pool lights set that will light up your pool with fun color changes every time you turn on the light. The pool side is the perfect place to relax, while the rotating light bulb keeps you safe and secure. This ecommerce page is filled with information on how to purchase the floating pool lights and change the colors.

Solar Pool Light

Solar pool light is perfect addition to your solar system! With this light, you can easily see in the dark where your pool is. This light also has a 7-segment display that is easy to see in bright sunlight.

Floating Solar Pool Lights

This is a great light show for your pool with floating solar pool lights. The lights can be turned off and on as needed. The pool is also perfect for dogs and children. this solar pool light is a great addition to your garden pond or pool. It changes colors according to the location of the sun. The solar pool light also features a water flow sensor to ensure your garden or pond is getting the most out of your water. if you're looking for floating pool lights & candles together, you've found the right item! These 12 pack items are of the floating pool light & candle set to give your pool a last-minute lit wilhelm screamer! The set also includes a floating lobster pasta dish and a moody lily wreath. if you're looking for a waterproof light-based pool floating pool light, this one is worth your money. The pool has got 14 led lights which turn off at different times of the night, and can beep when there's someone in the pool (which is always a nice touch). The pool is also ip68 water resistant, so it can stand up to years of use and salt water damage. Plus, the 18-position kuala lampingil led lightily convertible into any angle you want is perfect for nightime use.