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Game Color Changing Pool Light

This 12 Color Changing pool light is best-in-the-class for any or spas! You can use it to notice different colors in the water while swimming, massage yourself with the cool light, or see the results of your workout in real time, this light is in like manner top grade for adding some Color to your home entertainment center.

(as,a,g) M24

Game LED color changing Pool

By Unbranded


Game Led Pool Light

This pool light peerless for a fun-filled evening out or a day at the beach, when you want to play, the light will turn on and off according to your color. When you want to play in the dark, the light will stay on until the Game is finished, this pool light is again water resistant so it will not corrode. This white Game solar pool light is a top addition to pool, when you play this game, the return light will change to a different color. The Game will also change the Color of the return jet light, this will show you how much time provides passed since you last spent time in the pool. The Game color-changing return jet light is first-rate for showing the 4310 logo or for Changing the Color during the game, this light is facile to set up and is unequaled for any games. This Game group is for any Game that involves playing by the clock, you can also play by touch or hit the clock. If you are playing with other players, it is best to create a group and have a conversation about game, when you are ready, we can move on to the next game.