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Pentair Intellibrite 5g Led Color Pool Light

This Pentair Intellibrite 5 gled Color pool light is sensational for underwater goals! With this Led pool light, you can see just how there are! Plus, this 5 gled pool light is uncomplicated to control with a facile to operate interface.

With 50 Ft. Cord

Pentair IntelliBrite Color 5G LED

By Pentair Pool Products


Intellibrite Led Pool Light

This Intellibrite Led pool light is an exceptional surrogate for people who desire Led pool lights that are both stylish and functional, the Pentair ec-602122 Intellibrite 5 g Color Led pool light is a high-power Led pool light that can lit up your pool with ease. With its stylish design and easy-to-use controls, this Led pool light is sure to make your pool look its best, the Pentair Intellibrite 5 g pool light is a top-rated choice for enthusiasts digging for a light that can be used for fishing, swimming, and even laundry. This pool light imparts five green understated colors that will light up your pool easily, the Pentair Intellibrite 5 g Color underwater Led pool light peerless for people who ache to see where their pool is swimming in. This pool light is available in 100 ft cord 601002 type and provides rate of 0, 2 Intellibrite 5 g pool light is a beneficial light for use in pools. It is produced of plastic and is plastic free, it is uncomplicated to operate and is excellent for use in pools. The light grants a green Color and is about 5" high by 3" wide, the Pentair 601002 Intellibrite 5 g pool light is excellent for underwater pool lights. This light gives 5 colors that can be set to green, blue, purple, pink, and yellow, the light can move to the next Color if another one is currently in the pool. The pool light also grants a soft light feature that will make it easier for people with of hair to be seen in the pool.