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Pool Light Transformer Replacement

The or yan industries aquastar pool spa Replacement light Transformer is a Replacement light Transformer that helps reduce energy costs and improve energy efficiency, the pool light Transformer is a first-class way for businesses that need to reduce energy usage or for someone who wants to improve their light efficiency.

Is My Pool Light 12v Or 120v

This pool light is 12 v which means it works with an electric outlet or power cord, the light is 120 v which means it lights up when your pool is and if you place the ball on the bottom of your pool, the light will be on as well. This ball light is a splendid addition to your pool and makes your pool look and feel more inviting, the pool lights Transformer converter is for hayward pool color logic machines. It helps you to convert any hayward pool light Transformer into a standard electrical outlet, the converter is compatible with parts such as terminals, transformer, and wires. It helps you to customize your pool to perfection, the pool lighting transformers can be used to create an 3 light pool ambiance or light up your engine up with bright lights for akon water swim meet. This pool light features a floating light ball that can be control through a remote, the pool light will change in colors depending on how much power is available to it. This can help to see in the dark and make it easier to see in the dark.